Our firm has over 30 years of experience, and prepares hundreds of individual as well business tax returns every year. You will receive the utmost knowledge regarding your taxes.

Our main focus is as follows

We use all forms and every imaginable credit available based on our clients’ specific set of circumstances. We know exactly what to look for when your return is being prepared, being careful not to miss any detail. More importantly, we are committed to answer all your questions should they arise throughout the rest of the year, not just at tax time.

We are able and willing to handle long-term capital gains, rental property, tax-free exchanges (1031).

Regular corporations, small business corporations, partnerships, limited libility companies (LLC). We take the extra time necessary to best prepare taxes for each individual business, based on the details including size, employees, assets, and future growth.

Should the IRS audit you or your business, there is no need to worry if your returns were prepared by us. We will handle all your audit needs, and stick with you through the entire audit, providing our knowledge on your side, and making sure you are treated fairly.